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What to wear for your Winter Family Photos!

Family portraits are a great way to connect with your family. When you look back on these memories, you’ll remember how much fun you had. And, You want everyone to look their best for the shoot. It’s best to plan your winter family photo shoot ahead of time so you don’t miss anything.

Outfit ideas for winter family photos

The winter season is one of the most popular times of year for family photos, since everyone is home for the holidays. During the winter season, there are lots of outfit ideas to inspire you. Colors like red and green and plaid are classic holiday trends that are perfect for photos. There’s nothing more holiday-approved than flannels, furry scarves, and cable-knit sweaters.

Here are some holiday photo styling tips:

  • Winter weather allows for some great accessories for family photos. Get your scarves, beanies, and coats ready!
  • Holiday family photos are perfect for sweaters. Dress the boys in collared shirts with sweaters, and the girls in cable knits.
  • Put on matching pajamas in some shots for a cute holiday twist.
  • Make your outfit pop with a bright red lipstick.
  • Color schemes for the holidays:
    • Navy and crimson
    • Glitter and white
    • Denim, crimson, and tan
    • Grey, red, black

So, plan ahead when it comes to what to wear for your winter family portrait. Dress appropriately so your family looks its best. And, alway work with your chosen photographer on outfit ideas. Hopefully you found these winter styling and clothing tips helpful!

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